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PLEASE NOTE that with effect from Monday 19th August, Oxford School of Reflexology and Oxford Therapy Supplies has ceased trading.
No further orders are being taken from customers, and all enquiries should be directed to:
Shaw Gibbs LLP, 264 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7DY - 01865 292200

Oxford School of Reflexology

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On our main reflexology course we put a lot of effort into preparing people for moving to self-employment, and we start off by talking about reducing personal outgoings as much as possible - because lower costs mean your business is profitable sooner.

At the request of OSR14, we have overhauled this links page to show a few of the best-value utilities providers that we have used and that have been recommended by people we trust. If you are still with BT, or haven't changed your gas and electricity provider in a couple of years, now is the time to check out these alternative providers - you'll be amazed how much cheaper they are!

We also have a few links to ways to earn some extra pennies if you have time on your hands, as well as to some of the suppliers we use for best-value therapist equipment. Enjoy!

What it's all about
Telecom Plus / Utilities Warehouse. Still the best for anyone who wants to cut their home or business phone and utility costs. They're great, and they've saved us huge amounts. Click on the pig and give them a go - you have nothing to lose but your huge phone bills!
USwitch provide you with comparative figures for plenty of different utilities service providers. Bear in mind they don't include some of the cheapest, like Telecom Plus, because Telecom Plus don't pay for advertising! But this is a good source of information to see what is available.
As promised, a link to the Sainsbury's service in conjunction with The Carphone Warehouse. Check other prices before signing up!
Depositit are the people we use for automated backups of all our important stuff. It's an amazing service that takes all the human factor out of backing up - it just happens automatically in the background, and you can restore your backups to any computer that's connected to the Internet. And it's so cheap! If you've got anything on your computer that you would miss if it broke, here is the answer.
Don't forget good old Boots... when their special offers are on, they actually make quite good value for the supplies we need.
But whatever you're shopping for, don't forget you can take all the effort out of shopping around by using a shopping comparator site to do it all for you. Kelkoo was the first and is still one of the best (click through to the home page)...
...but don't forget Dealtime as well.
Now you might wonder why we have included this one... but it is relevant to another theme we pursue on the course - how to turn spare time into spare cash before your therapy practice gets busy!
HTMail is another survey company, where you spend a few minutes reading and they send you a few pennies. It's peanuts, but it's more peanuts than you had before.
Healthy Pages logo
If you haven't discovered Healthy Pages yet, we highly recommend it. Lots of information for therapists, a really busy discussion forum - after many sites for our profession have come and gone, it looks as though Healthy Pages has really made it.
Amazon just keep on dropping the level where you get free shipping, making them one of the cheapest booksellers around. Try the link on the left, or go straight to their Mind, Body & Spirit section.
For the uniform shirts and fleeces we provide for our students and tutors, we use Kingfisher Leisurewear. Their minimum order for customised uniforms and therapist's clothing is amazingly small.


http://www.aero21.co.uk |http://www.therapiesdirect.org.uk | http://www.sensible-net.co.uk | http://www.aircool.org.uk | http://www.freyagetshitched.com | http://www.jasongetshitched.com | http://www.otosan-ear-cones.co.uk | http:/www.otosan-ear-cones.com

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