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Oxford School of Reflexology

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Here are a number of files which you can download to give full information on our long and short courses. These are the same as we send out by post to enquirers who don't have an Internet connection.

You can have most files as either a Word 97 document or an Acrobat PDF file. For either format, you will of course need to have the appropriate software installed on your computer.

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If you don't have Acrobat Reader, we recommend you get it - not only are the files much smaller for downloading, but it won't reformat the documents beyond all recognition when opening them, as Word has a habit of doing.

All the files available here have been fully virus checked. However we recommend that you do not download any files from any web site without running your own virus check before opening them. It is your choice whether to download these files or not, and we make no warranty as to their suitability for use on your computer, and we cannot be held liable for any damage which you may believe has been caused by opening them.

OK, that's that out of the way, here are the brochures and prospectuses. If you have any difficulty downloading them, give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

Last updated
Full reflexology course Reflexology_Qualifications_2010-11.doc

Information on the status of our full training course in reflexology

Jul 2010
Short courses for therapists  shortcourses_2010.docx (40K)
 shortcourses_2010.pdf (16K)
Summary of all short courses running in the near future N/A
  FAT.doc (72K)
FAT.pdf (35K)
Appointed Person First Aid Course
May 2010
  ihminfo.doc (72K)
ihminfo.pdf (35K)
Indian Head Massage (1)
Nov 2009
hrx1.doc (53K)
hrx1.pdf (37K)
Hand Reflexology with Penny Odhams - one-day workshop Dec 2009
  cmt.doc (123K)
cmt.pdf (47K)
Reflexology and Chinese Meridian Theory by Inge Dougans, including application form (presented by Geraldine Giles) Jun 2010
  art.doc (144K)
art.pdf (43K)

Advanced Reflexology Training (ART)
with Tony Porter

Jun 2010
  art_assessment.doc (53K)
art_assessment.pdf (33K)

Advanced Reflexology Training (ART) Assessment Day with Tony Porter

Jul 2008
Short courses for beginners ihminfo.doc (76K)
ihminfo.pdf (30K)
Indian Head Massage (I)
Includes booking form
Sep 2008
  HowtofindOSR.doc (45K)
howtofind.pdf (25K)
Directions to Oxford School of Reflexology N/A
Products for therapists Hopibulkdiscounts.pdf (35K) Price list for bulk orders of Hopi Ear Candles - no price increases for over six years! Jan 2003
  lafuma_info_hires.pdf (780K)
lafuma_info_lores.pdf (139K)
All about the Lafuma (or La Fuma ) recliners we use as reflexology treatment couches, and why we think they're the best. Choose the low-resolution file for a fast download, or the high-resolution one for clearer pictures and printing. Nov 2005


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